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How to Build a Formula PC Circuit
Using the Formula PC Track Designer


So you want to build a circuit of your own?
Well then, you've come to the right place...

But first things first...

Do you have Formula PC and the Track Designer?
If not, then
Click Here to download the latest official version.
(Both are contained in the setup package)

You'll probably want to grab the latest and greatest unofficial
build of the Track Designer as well.
(Save it over your existing FPC_TD.exe in your Formula PC directory)

Once you have Formula PC installed, click on the Track Designer icon
(Located in the Formula PC group on your Start menu) and  we're off!

I would suggest reading the section on the .TRK file format before
attempting to create a track. It's fairly technical, but understanding
the file format will make it easier to comprehend what the tools in
the Track Designer are for and what they do. You can take a look at the
.TRK file that this tutorial creates by downloading it here.

Once you move to the "Creating a New Track" section, make sure
you follow it in order. The tracks need to be built in a particular order, since
certain components are built upon others.

 Format 2.0 - The track file format has been updated! Those of you who have
already been through the tutorial will want to read through it again, taking note of
the changes that have been implemented. These changes will be highlighted in
yellow (just like this) throughout the rest of the document.
The reason for these modifications is for future expansion and flexibility. Tracks
in the future will need to accommodate a variety of unique features, such as
overpasses (Suzuka) and circuits that go from 3 to 4 and back to 3 lanes
(Indianapolis infield course). The updates are fully explained and should be
easy for the experienced track designer to comprehend.


                CREATING A NEW TRACK 
                Getting Started
                Explanation of the interface
                        File Menu
                        Track Info Dialog
                        Tools Menu
                        Options Menu
                        The Toolbars
                Initial Track Data
                Laying out the track
                        Creating Lanes and Spaces
                        Creating Curves
                        Creating the Pit lane
                Space Symbol Labeling
                        Starting Grids
                        The Pit lane
                        Corner Arrows
                Setting Lane Position Values
                        Reordering Lanes
                        Setting Values in Corners
                        The Pit lane
                        The Pit Garages
                        Pit Entrance and Final Straight
                Assigning Segments
                Tagging "Next" and "Adjacent" Spaces
                        Tagging Corners
                        Tagging the Pit lane
                Corner Flags
                Creating Outline Polygons
                Centering the Track


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me:


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