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UPDATED 2.26.2002


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Project on hold


Sorry, but updates to this project will not be forthcoming anytime in the near future. Other projects have taken over my time and since FPC will never be a revenue-generating enterprise I have to give precedence to other programs which have that potential.

Who knows, maybe we'll get back around to this someday.


Wanna help out?


FormulaPC is now, and will forever remain free...but server upgrades and ISP accounts aren't.

If you'd like to donate a buck or two in the effort to see projects like FormulaPC continue to grow, please do! Thanks!


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 Imagine playing Formula Dé with friends on the other side of the planet.
Imagine creating team files with custom drivers, pictures and stats.
Imagine creating your own circuits.
Imagine being able to see "replays" of your favorite games.
Imagine extensive statistics, including "speed", collisions, lead changes, etc.

Formula PC is a concept developed by two Formula Dé fans in
the United States. The project started with the idea of playing games remotely,
e-mailing the saved games back and forth, taking our turns at play.

In the future we hope to enhance
the basic e-mail play concept to incorporate extensive game statistics and
analysis. Since every game is saved in a step-by-step, roll-by-roll format,
players will be able to do extensive post-game analysis and even watch
real-time replays of their favorite games. Tools for creating circuits, teams
and customizing the rules are also included.


 All of this could not have been possible if not for Laurent Lavaur, Eric Randall and
EuroGames, the creators of Formula Dé.
Formula Dé Logo
If you don't already have a copy of the board game, hit their site and you'll find
links to online retailers who can get you one.
(btw, I only had my copy for a week before it inspired me to write Formula PC).
I would also like to thank Ron Magin of Eurogames/Descartes (USA) for supporting
this project and giving "official" guidance and rules interpretation.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me: formulaPC@malagraphixia.com

 Formula PC ©2000-2002 ONYX (J Boen) This page and all items pertaining to Formula PC
are in no way related to or endorsed by EuroGames, the makers of Formula Dé.